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Low Incoming Housing Access – Section 8

Housing Vouchers for 2013

There are many housing programs the federal government provides to individuals and families that are in need of affordable housing. The Section 8 program (or also known as Housing Choice Voucher program) is the most accessible rental assistance program for qualified renters.

Section 8 allows you to find a house, apartment, or townhome using their vouchers. Many times, they’ll pay for all of your rent. These units can be located in any area or neighborhood of your choice (some choose privately owned apartments – even currently rented apartments). The total funds and assistance you receive depends on the amount of total income in your household.

The Section 8 program was created to allow a healthy and safe home of choice at a reasonable rental amount. Your local Public Housing Authority will qualify you and determine your eligibility. It is generally based off your total income, how many persons are in your household, and the length of time you’ve been a U.S. citizen.

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